Doreen Lutz Artists is managing and supporting a select group of internationally renowned artists, building upon many years of experience in artist management.

Each artist has an outstanding profile and is an expert in music from the 20th/21st century and to some extent also in early music. Their curiosity for new works and performances leads to improvisation with jazz elements, innovative projects and programmes, and new compositions being commissioned.

Doreen Lutz Artists focuses on providing tailor-made and strategic support to artists with their individual profiles and the personal exchange with promoting partners.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in any of the artists we represent. We look forward to hearing from you!


Sarah Maria Sun: Grafenegg Festival 2024
Tora Augestad: Debut at Musikfest Berlin
On 25 August 2024 the mezzo-soprano Tora Augestad will sing a chamber recital at the Philharmonie Berlin celebrating the opening of the Musikfest Berlin and the 150th anniversaries of Arnold Schönberg and Charles Ives. Lieder/songs and works by both composers will be performed by her, Holger Falk (baritone), Michael Rotschopf (conférencier), Stefan Litwin (piano, concept) and the Eliot Quartett and will be intertwined with writings, letters and diaries excerpts from the composers.
Holger Falk: Summer festival concerts
In August the baritone Holger Falk will demonstrate the wide spectrum of his artistry at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, the Musikfest Berlin as well as at the festival Urkuyö ja Aaria in Espoo:
Sofia Jernberg: CD-release „Musho“
The Swedish vocal artist Sofia Jernberg has released her first solo album Musho together with the British pianist, composer and improvisation artist Alexander Hawkins at the Swiss Label Intact Records. Musho is the Amharic word for sad song, mourning, poetic song of grief, burial song which builds the center of the recording. Sofia Jernberg was born in Ethiopia and grew up Sweden and Vietnam. The question of “where is home“ is reflecting in these very special songs. Musho invites the listener to consider displacement, migration, identity, responsibility, bloody history, the seepage of culture and community, but more than that, invites listening.